Statement of Academic Freedom

The Ashkenazium is a school founded on the academic principle of absolute freedom of thought and speech. This principle is not just a constitutional one. Freedom of thought and opinion, freedom of the spoken word and of the written word, are held to be the most fundamental and sacrosanct conditions of education.

The Ashkenazium is politically neutral. It endorses no specific political outlook either within Hungary or abroad. It neither endorses nor restricts any political opinion or commitment among its faculty or students.

The Ashkenazium is non-denominational. It welcomes students from every type of Judaism which has been named or has yet to be named; from any Jewish commitment and any lack of commitment; and indeed, from any affiliation or non-affiliation, Jewish or non-Jewish, and any walk of life among the descendants of Adam and Eve.

PHOTO.— Erected in 1947, the Szabadság-szobor or Liberty Statue holds a riased palmleaf atop Gellért Hill overlooking the Danube in Budapest.